Compensation and Costs

Costs of Being in the Study

All tests, procedures and visits required by the study are provided at no cost to you. The sponsor, VaxDesign Corporation, pays for them.

Your Payment for Being in the Study

In compensation for the time, discomfort, and inconvenience caused by the research donation, you will be paid $200 (two hundred dollars) upon completion of the aphaeresis blood draw and an additional $200 (two hundred dollars) for every subsequent donation. If you are unable to donate, you will not be compensated for the visit. In the event of a partial draw, you will be compensated

Compensation for Injury

If you become ill or are hurt while you are in the study, get the medical care that you need right away.

This may be provided at the Florida’s Blood Center if it happens while you are there. The sponsor may also arrange to provide short-term medical care for any injury resulting from your participation in this study. In general, no long-term medical care or financial compensation for research-related injuries is available from the sponsor.

You still have the right to make a claim through the legal system even if you sign this form, accept medical care, or accept payment for medical expenses.

Being a Study Volunteer

Entering this research study is voluntary.

You may always say, "No." You do not have to take part in the study. If you start a study, you may stop at any time. You do not need to give a reason. If you do not want to be in a study or you stop the study at a later time, you will not be penalized or lose any benefits.

Your part in the research may stop at any time for any reason. You may be asked to stop the study even if you do not want to stop.