MIMIC® Responses to OKT3 versus Avastin®

We performed a comparative characterization of responses engendered by a monoclonal antibody of high immunogenicity and immunoreactivity (OKT3, a fully murine antibody to CD3), and a monoclonal antibody of low immunogenicity (Avastin®, a humanized antibody to VEGF) in the MIMIC® model. As a first level of investigation, we examined induction of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines. The vascular Peripheral Tissue Equivalent (PTE) module was shown to readily differentiate between the highly reactive OKT3 antibody and the relatively quiescent Avastin® antibody. Differential reactogenicity was most notable when lymphocytes were present in cultures and likely illustrates the effects of cross-linking of CD3 via OKT3. The PTE module exhibited a significant enhancement in the concentration of secreted cytokines.