Immune Suppression by Dexamethasone in MIMIC® System

We demonstrated the ability of the Peripheral Tissue Equivalent (PTE) and Lymphoid Tissue Equivalent (LTE) modules to recapitulate the inhibitory effects of dexamethasone (Dex) on the maturation of antigen-presenting cells, the inhibition of cytokines and chemokines, and reduced T cell proliferation in the presence of the immune stimulators LPS or DTaP vaccine. Overall, it can be seen that the MIMIC® System can detect the inhibitory effect of dexamethasone on a wide range of immune responses induced by both LPS and DTaP vaccine.

Inhibitory effect of Dexamethasone on APC markers and LPS and DTaP-induced PGE2 production

Dexamethasone Reduces Th1 cytokines but increases Th2 cytokines in LTE module

Dexamethasone suppresses DTaP-induced CD4+ T cell proliferation in LTE module